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Results of the Pick-the-Nominees Poll

So the results are in . . . and the jaws are slowly being picked up off the floor. What a list indeed. No Nicole Kidman, no Scarlett Johansson (sniff sniff) . . . in fact, only two nominations in the "top 8" categories for Cold Mountain, and no acting noms for LOTR. So it's no surprise that the scores in the Oscar poll took a hit.

And speaking of which . . . I will no longer use this same format for polling with trying to speculate two months out who the potentials could be. Obviously that didn't work this time around, as six people or films made it to the list that weren't even on my "list of 15". So, fear not, the format will be changed next year. Or you can just make your own poll if you want. For any of these "did not appear" names, users who took the poll will get the same number of points as if they HAD picked that the first time they took the poll.

And before any scores go up here, know that I played by EXACTLY the same rules as everyone else for my own picks.

Nevertheless, I did have the highest total score of 163 points. In a close second was poetpainter77 with 159. franticlovepoet was also close at 152 points, while missizzy and rossboss rounded out the top five with 150 and 145 points, respectively.

If you look at the total number of correct guesses (and this is unofficial, as I have to tweak things for Keisha's nom in the leading rather than supporting category), things change slightly. poetpainter77 had 29 out of 34 possible correct, while myself and ibentmywookie scores 28 out of 34. ibentmywookie, if only your answers had been submitted sooner, you coulda been a contendah. fairestcat and franticlovepoet scored 25 each. Also, a special Jury (?) Prize goes out to dots58, the ONLY poll-taker to correctly pick that The Barbarian Invasions would be nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

So . . . unless someone beats me to it (which I really wouldn't mind), a pick-the-winners poll will be up here soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
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