ButlerBrown (butlerbrown) wrote in stevesmovieclub,

Oscar poll still open

It's not too late to take the annual LJ Oscar nomination poll! Just click here before 7:00 a.m. CDT on January 27th, and your guess will count. If you have already taken the poll and wish to change your answers, you may do so. However, any changes from the last time you have updated your guesses will only count for the maximum number of points available for the day (2 points for any guesses between now and next Tuesday morning at 8:00 CDT, 1 point for any between then and the end of the poll).

Remember, any nominees who don't appear on the list of potential nominees will count for EVERYBODY, so no more whining about why Alec Baldwin or Patricia Clarkson (for Pieces of April) or anyone else isn't on there. This glitch should be taken care of next year.
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